The 90-Minutes-Challenge


About seven weeks after the Runningdays, always halfway between the spring, summer, autumn and winter Runningdays, a very special kind of virtual challenge takes place: the 90-Minutes-Challenge! Find out how far you can walk or run in 90 minutes. First and foremost, measure yourself against yourself. But also with others in your age group. Get a little bit better with good training, challenge after challenge.

How far can you run?

Beginners and older runners have to crack the 10 kilometers. Most walkers will be well below that. The top of the running elite can crack the 30 kilometers. Most runners will be in between. In the list of results everyone is united, the walkers and runners, young and older athletes. Maybe at some point you will be able to own a set of medals with ascending mileage results, e.g. B.> 12k,> 13k and> 14k? Try it and register now:

Everything you need to know about the challenges


Participation in the 90-Minutes-Challenge

Every runner and walker can take part in the 90-Minutes-Challenges, young or old, alone or in a group, wherever they are. Because all competitions are organized as virtual runs and work alone or as group runs. And should you ask yourself: why you should run 90 minutes? , then you can find Andreas Butz's answers in the linked blog article. It is your own responsibility to comply with the applicable Corona rules of conduct. More on this in the FAQ .


Race Entry 90-min-Challenge

First you book your race entry for the 90-Minutes-Challenge. After completing this order, you will immediately receive your ticket with a registration link and a CODE.


Registration 90 min challenge

With the registration link and your CODE you can register for the participant management of the Runningdays. Then you will receive an email with further information and you will be able to print out your bib number. More information are in the FAQ .


Ergebnisse 90-Min-Challenge

Use the UPLOAD link from the info mail after your registration (3.) to upload your result after your run. Here you enter the distance you ran or walked. The result lists are updated continuously. There is no difference between walking and running, the rankings are based on distance. There are also rankings according to men and women as well as age groups.


Certificate 90-Min-Challenge

The final result list of all virtual runs and your certificate to print out yourself will be available on Tuesday morning after the 90-Minutes-Challenges.


Discount 90-Min-Challenge

You can use your personal CODE in some of the online shops of Laufcampus and our partners. The CODE guarantees you generous discounts with a total value of over 100 euros. Here you get to the overview of all offers exclusively for LC-Runners .


Charity 90-Min-Challenge

1 euro per race entry, running shirt and finisher medal and collectors cup, Laufcampus passes on to our charity project, the ALS support group association ALS - Alle Lieben Schmidt e.V. Learn more about the ALS self-help association .


Souveniers 90-Min-Challenge

Additionally ordered products such as collectors cup, shirts and motivation book will be sent immediately after you place your order.


Medaillen 90-Min-Challenge

The ordered medals will be sent separately on Tuesday after your virtual run, after the 90-Minutes-Challenges, if your performance is listed in the results.

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