Get this special medal for your 90-Minutes-Challenge and reward yourself for your performance.

The highlight of this medal is that it is individualized to your performance

An example: If an athlete runs 14.259 kilometers, there is “> 14 k” in the heart of the medal. And if he also takes part in the next challenge, maybe he'll even make & gt; 15k? A whole set of medals with ascending numbers could be a nice goal for you. And & gt; 33 k would be a world record ;-)

A really nice medal, on which in addition to the rounded mileage, you will receive the exact distance on your certificate, including the embossed writings 90-MIN-CHALLENGE and RUNNINGDAYS 2021.

The ribbon is held in Laufcampus green.

Shipping Information
< span data-mce-fragment = "1"> The medals will be sent on Tuesday after the Challenge. No additional shipping fees are required for shipping within Germany. International shipping costs € 3.70.

Do good and talk about it
When you have your medal, pull it over your head, hold it with one hand next to your glowing face and post the photo on social media. Also in the Facebook group Laufcampus Freunde , in which almost 1000 Laufcampus friends are exchanging ideas.

#runningdays @laufcampus #90minchallenge

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