Medal Runningdays WINTER 21 | Reward for your virtual run

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Finisher medal for the Winter Runningdays

Get the finisher medal for your Runningdays and reward yourself for your performance on your Virtual run in December , Runningdays Winter 21.

There are new, valuable medals for all Runningday events. The 2021 medals differ in the symbol that stands for the respective seasons of the respective Runningdays in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In winter there is an ice crystal in the middle of this beautiful medal.

On the A side you will find the reference to your Runningdays and on the B-side the reference to our charity project ALS - Alle Lieben Schmidt e.V., in connection with our motto: Run, laugh, do good!

The ribbon is in Laufcampus green.

Shipping Information
The medals will be sent Tuesday after the Runningdays. No additional shipping fees are required for shipping within Germany. International shipping costs € 3.70.

Do good and talk about it
When you have your medal, pull it over your head, hold it with one hand next to your glowing face and post the photo on social media. Also in the Facebook group Laufcampus Freunde , in which almost 1000 Laufcampus friends are exchanging ideas.

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