Company running groups - running groups for companies

Would you like a company running group for your company? A regular company group run all year round? Or a company running group specifically for a few weeks to prepare for a TeamRun?

With over 500 trained Laufcampus running coaches, the Laufcampus academy has the largest organized running coach network in German-speaking countries. We can also provide comprehensive support to companies with multiple locations or branches as well.

We support companies with specially trained and certified company running coaches, running groups and individual training plans for their employees. And also with a motivational lecture by Andreas Butz as a kickoff event.

A company run exclusively for one company

exclusive company runs are also possible and possibly the perfect mix of a virtual corporate run and a local corporate run for your company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, write a message to or give us a call at +49 2251 81305-0. We get it done!

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