Teamrun – Teams need goals

Companies, clubs and running groups need goals. Sure, running is fun, but for motivation and an extraordinary experience, having goals like a team run are worth gold.

How to turn the Runningdays into a team run

Inspire your colleagues, friends or club members and appear as a team in the results lists of the Runningdays. Your teammates can run solo or in a group, as the situation allows and you like it. You can form teams even if you don't meet in one location. Run wherever you are. You will meet in the joint results list at the latest. A team challenge that is fun.

You can take part in the team run

You decide whether everyone should register themselves or whether your company, or club will do this with a collective registration. Let us advise you by phone: +49 2251 81305-0. But first, please read on.


Bei Laufkursen auf die Laufcampus-Art wird nicht nur gelaufen. Ein Rahmenprogramm mit motivierender Ansprache, Lockerungsübungen zum Start, Dehnübungen zum Abschluss und einer motivierenden Verabschiedung gehören selbstverständlich zum Standard, damit sich deine Mitarbeiter oder Kollegen beim Firmenlaufkurs wohlfühlen.


Our services for teams

1. Free registration as a team

In principle, each participant can enter a team name of their own choosing when registering independently. However, this can lead to inequalities in the search results, as we know from our own experience at Laufcampus for example. "Team Laufcampus" would be correct. But some also write “Laufcampus”. This is difficult for sorting results by team. A vote among your team members makes sense here. See the extra information on the topic Virtual corporate run .

2. Preset team name

We will enter your team name(s) in the registration list which will appear by default in the list of suggestions for this Runningdays. You can also name several teams, your company locations for example (YourBank Cologne, YourBank New York, YourBank London). The same applies to clubs and running groups. With fewer than 10 participants, this service from Laufcampus costs only 50 euros. With a registration of 10 or more participants, this service is free. To preset your team name, contact .

3. Multiple registrations for teams

Group registrations are also possible free of charge. The registrant simply acquires several race entries and can then register his team members with these codes.

4. Individually branded result lists, certificates and bib numbers

Either way, as described above, each participant appears in the global result list with name, performance and - if entered or selected - with team name. As an exciting additional service for companies, we offer sindividually branded result lists. We put together these packages individually, starting at 250 euros. Please contact us by phone at +49 2251 81305-0 or by email to .