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Who motivates your team? Who creates a spirit of optimism for corporate health management? Who gets people and companies up and running? What does the perfect kickoff event look like before a corporate run?

Andreas Butz "can boast impressive successes" (Manager Magazin), "is a great motivator" (active running), "the new running pope" (WirtschaftsNews), "Type of a guy who rocks every hall" (Kölner-Stadtanzeiger). At the RED FOX Success Congress in January 21, he was named "Speaker of the year 2021" in the Business category. Over 21,000 people casted their votes.

Preferably live on a stage, but increasingly also via live video, top speaker, running coach and Laufcampus founder Andreas Butz motivates to a healthy lifestyle and provides impulses that last. He talks about self-motivation, nutrition, exercise, especially walking and running, the keys to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Running is powerful. It supports the self-healing powers, makes and keeps you healthy, ensures creativity, serenity and a good night's sleep. Running can be part of your self-branding as well. Salespeople can learn from marathon runners how to work consistently and conscientiously on goals. Managers are interested in opportunities to use running as a management tool for brands, employees and teams. Andreas Butz is the leading speaker in Germany for all of these topics. Multiple book author, ex-top manager and board member of a listed company, himself a 150-time marathon runner and has been a successful running expert with Laufcampus since 2001.

Impulses for your event

If you are also looking for fresh impulses for your event, then send an inquiry to Gisela Butz at or by phone at +49 2251 81305-0, we will make it work. Speeches are currently only possible in german.

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