Exclusive corporate runs for companies


We also organize exclusive corporate runs , exclusive Runningdays. especially for the respective company and its employees. Guided group runs for some, guided walking for others. On request with a supporting program such as mobility exercises, warm up, cool down, stretching. Therefore we take advantage of our Laufcampus coaches network, the largest network of its kind with over 500 certified running coaches. There are bib numbers, results lists and certificates, as well as medals and running shirts on request. Motivational lectures and training plans for runners and walkers round off the whole thing. A really well-rounded affair, something in between the major events of the classic corporate runs and virtual runs.

What distinguishes Laufcampus as experts for corporate runs

Probably no other provider is as excellently positioned to accompany corporate run activities as Laufcampus. Founded in 2001, we can build on the following infrastructure:

  • Laufcampus founder Andreas Butz is one of the leading running experts in German-speaking countries. The trained banker and multiple book author is an experienced runner himself with over 150 marathon runs and received the Red Fox Award as speaker of the year 2021 in the business category. In the corporate run scene. As Mr. Businessrun he is known to be the ideal expert to motivational and specialist lectures about company run activities with lots of impulses for employees to accompany.

  • The Laufcampus Akademie, founded in 2010, trains and certifies running coaches in over twenty seminars with ten lecturers. The Laufcampus Akademie is the leading provider of training & education for full-time and part-time running coaches and also provides training for company running coaches in eight seminar days. From company running leader to company running coach, an apprenticeship that turns employees who are already asked about running issues in a company into qualified company running coaches and thus even more competent contacts.

  • The Laufcampus academy has become the largest running coach network. In almost all places in Germany and in many regions of Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria, we can access licensed Laufcampus coaches and competently accompany any company's running activities. From several weeks of guided running groups to the implementation of exclusive corporate runs.

  • With the Laufcampus web app and the potential analyzes for ambitious runners and anamnesis for beginners or walkers, we can offer every employee the right training plan for them. From overweight sports beginners to elite runners, we can currently choose from over 240 training plans, all based on the Laufcampus method. The Laufcampus Web App is ideal for training monitoring and ensures that no employee feels overwhelmed or athletically under-challenged.

  • As the organizer of the Runningdays, we have the infrastructure to optimally handle running events. From registration to participants management to result lists with special team rankings and certificates, we can offer everything to carry out a professional running event.

What can we do for your company? Call us at +49 2251 81305 0 or send us your question or a callback request to teamrun@laufcampus.com .