Prizes worth over 1111 euros

On every Runningday, attractive prizes are raffled off among all participants. It is not the fastest who wins the prizes, the luck decides instead. Every participant, walker or runner *, can win. New for all runs in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Participants who have acquired several race entries because they run over several distances are of course also several times in the "virtual lottery pot". Here are the prizes that are raffled in the week after the Runningdays among the respective race entry holders of the Runningdays Spring 21 and Summer 21 (autumn and winter prizes will be named later):


1st Place

Participation in the 7-day Laufcampus running camp on Mallorca from October 2nd to 9th, 2021 or March 12th to 19th, 2022 worth 429 euros ***. Find out more about the Mallorca Running Camp .

2nd to 3rd place

Performance diagnostics with lactate measurement by Andreas Butz, worth 199 euros. Find out more about the performance diagnostics . < / p>

4th to 5th place

Performance diagnostics with lactate measurement as part of the performance diagnostics days, worth 149 euros. Find out more about the performance diagnostics days .

6th to 7th place

2 x 1 cooking course in the Vitality Cooking School worth 69 euros. Find out more about the Vitality Cooking School .

8th to 10th place

Laufcampus Beat-Shirt (women's or men's cut) worth 17 euros. The beat shirt in the online shop.

Addendum from 03/11/2021

Today we go one step further and guarantee that in addition to the prizes mentioned above, at least every thirtieth participant will win one of the prizes mentioned. That means, no matter how many walkers and runners take part in the running days, 500, 800, 1,200, every thirtieth will win. The winners are determined at random by software.


* Employees of Laufcampus GmbH, Euskirchen and their relatives are excluded from the raffle

** The equivalent value cannot be paid out

*** travel and hotel expenses not included

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