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For you to be able to better assess the Runningdays and our services, we want to show you who is behind the biggest virtual running series.

Laufcampus was founded in October 2001 and is currently (March 2021) in its twentieth year. Our job is to get people and companies up and running . Because we carry the belief of Laufcampus founder Andreas Butz: "Running is the shortest route to everything that makes people successful."

We do our job in very different ways

Run & Race organizer

With the Runningdays and the new generation of corporate runs as part of the Runningdays, we started a virtual running series in 2021 to motivate people to set goals and run with joy in their free time. With our virtual running offers and corporate running offers, we address both company teams and individuals.

Running coach certification

With the Laufcampus Akademie, we have been the leading provider of running coach training and certification for full-time and part-time jobs since 2010. We also certify Company Running Coaches .

Running Coach Network

With over 500 Laufcampus coaches, the largest running coach network in German-speaking countries has emerged from our academy. Laufcampus coaches lead running groups in many regions and support companies by leading company running groups. We can offer guided company running groups for companies with several branches in Germany. In addition, our Laufcampus coaches look after runners and beginners with personal coaching services such as training planning and performance diagnostics.

Running Seminars

Laufcampus has been organizing running seminars at home and abroad since 2005. This in Germany, Spain (Mallorca) and Switzerland (Zermatt).

Training planning and training monitoring

With the Laufcampus Web App we launched a training platform in 2019, that provides both beginners and ambitious runners with the right training plans. After a careful potential analysis or anamnesis. When motivation meets good training plans, there is often Laufcampus behind it.

Running for a good cause

Under the motto "Run, laugh, do good", we have been supporting the ALS support group association ALS - Alle Lieben Schmidt e.V. Among other things, with the Runningdays we collect donations for people who suffer from the incurable disease ALS and can no longer walk.

Mister Businessrun

Laufcampus founder Andreas Butz is one of the leading running experts in Germany. He has written many running books, writes for various specialist magazines and is booked as a speaker from the running scene and business world alike. In February 2021 he received the Red Fox Award as Speaker of the Year 2021 in the Business category. The media have already given him many nice titles like “running pope”, ,”running guru” and “national coach for the amateur runners”. In the corporate run scene he is simply Mister Businessrun .

The Laufcampus Runningdays are very important to us. They are very attractive and inexpensive. You are doing an excellent job of doing the job that motivates us as organizers to get people and companies up and running.

Send us an email at to get an offer and further information. Write us two or three lines about your project and we will send you a concrete offer so that your company is guaranteed to achieve its goals. The goals of many employers who get their employees to run are, for example, general health promotion, team building and strengthening employee motivation and loyalty.

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