Training plans for corporate run teams

The Laufcampus training plan app is probably the most popular web app when it comes to training planning and training monitoring.

Training plans are health measures to company runs

First, every athlete can fanalyze their running potential, then generate a training plan developed by Andreas Butz and then use the Laufcampus web app for four weeks free of charge. Only then do users decide whether they want to continue using the LAUFCAMPUS TRAINING web app. Most of them don't want to miss the training plans anymore. ;-)

Companies encourage self-training through training plans

More and more companies are using the Laufcampus Web App to make it available to their employees. Corona certainly helped, because companies have been slowed down in their efforts to engage in corporate health management in many campaigns since 2020. But running is and has always been possible and so many companies support their employees by offering them the app free of charge. The state, in turn, rewards companies and their employees, because LAUFCAMPUS TRAINING can be subsidized as an employer contribution tax-free. Training plans for self-motivation are the most effective health measures to supplement virtual corporate runs .

Invest with two to three digits, profit with four digits

The - rounded up - 60 to 120 euros per employee and year are easily recovered when they are more satisfied, more efficient and therefore more productive. But above all, healthier. A day of sick leave is significantly more expensive. And running is a panacea.

Click here to and here for further information for employers on the training plan web app .

Any questions about LAUFCAMPUS TRAINING?

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The running magazine LÄUFT., the platform or the large SportScheck Run series also recommend Laufcampus Training.

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