Bauerfeind Deal for LC-Runners

15% discount on Run Ultralight Mid Cut Socks

The "Run Ultralight Mid Cut Socks" are light, medium-length running socks for every terrain. The ultra-thin knitted fabric is particularly breathable and ensures a comfortable run - even on warm days. Integrated compression zones stabilize the ankle and foot.

The “Infinity Zone” offers protection against overload: It lifts the arch of the foot slightly and supports the ankle joint with light pressure. The “Relief Sole” and “Heel Protection” comfort zones protect the sole of the foot and reduce the pressure on the heel when the foot is placed in the running shoe. The “Achilles Comfort” recess relieves the Achilles tendon and prevents overstimulation in this sensitive area.

The running socks are made in Germany under the highest quality standards. The correct size of the medium-length “Run Ultralight Mid Cut Socks” is determined by the shoe size.

Use the discount CODE from your order confirmation (LCBF -...) and secure the discount in our online shop (limited until June 27th, 2021).

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