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Every March, June, September and December there is a virtual corporate run


Common goals connect. In sports as well as in business. Therefore, virtual corporate runs are very popular with companies. A virtual corporate run is simply fun . In 2020 the evolution of corporate runs was accelerated and the result from 2021 is:

Runningdays as virtual corporate runs - ten advantages

  1. Everyone can take part in a virtual corporate run, runners and walkers, solo or as a team
  2. In addition to 5 kilometers, further distances are possible
  3. Globally possible - no travel required
  4. Very inexpensive entry fee of 9 euros per participant
  5. Single registrations and group registrations possible
  6. Stating the names of the participants is only necessary immediately before the start
  7. Bib numbers and certificates as in road races
  8. Four dates provide year-round motivation
  9. Finisher medals can be optionally ordered
  10. Great discounts, prizes, special rankings

Corporate run dates 2021

A virtual run doesn't have to be a one-time event. We organize the Runningdays four times a year. The most popular corporate run dates in 2021 are

Virtual corporate run Runningdays - explained in a compact video

The virtual corporate runs

  • get more people and employees up and running
  • are considerably cheaper for companies (around 60% cheaper)
  • protect the environment and climate
  • are possible globally at every location and company branch
  • offer the greatest possible flexibility
  • support social projects (social responsibility)
  • you have to experience it
  • known from the Manager Magazine : Corona has changed the running scene: Why not start a virtual corporate run?

Exclusive offers for companies

  • From 10 participants, free presetting of team names
  • From 50 participants 5 are free
  • From 100 participants, 10 are free
  • From 100 participants, volume discount on medals and shirts

Many advantages for companies

A virtual corporate run is cool. The Runningdays as a new generation of corporate runs also offer companies and their employees many advantages.

Greatest possible flexibility for participants

The Runningdays as a corporate run offer the greatest possible flexibility. Participants can register as walkers or runners. This means that the Runningdays are an opportunity for every employee to be active and part of the corporate running team. The participants can start as solo runners, meet for group runs or - organized by the corporate running group - start together. The distances are also freely selectable. In addition to the classic 5 kilometer corporate run distance, ambitious walkers and runners can also compete on longer runs.

Virtual corporate runs offer the greatest possible flexibility for companies

The Runningdays take place quarterly, always in the last full week of a quarter. The Runningdays for companies have the additional designation spring, summer, autumn and winter, matching the beginning of the seasons, which fall into the event phases.

Companies are free to decide on which date they want to start or whether they want to create opportunities for training their employees all year round. Race entries can be ordered for each Runningday without knowing which employee is actually taking part when booking. This simplifies the registration process considerably.

From 10 participants per team, Laufcampus takes over the pre-setting of the team names (ZementWerk Hamburg, ZementWerk Dresden, ZementWerk Halle e.g.) so that athletes can click on the names of their company teams when registering. Since there are no central running routes (only the distances are specified), the Runningdays, as virtual corporate runs, enable all employees to participate, at home and abroad, from home or office locations. In addition, thanks to its large network of coaches, Laufcampus can organize a corporate run exclusively for your company. Find out more about it here: Exclusive corporate runs

Cost and resource saving event

The pure participation fees amount is only about a third of the costs known from conventional corporate runs per participant. In addition, there are no costs for central meeting points. There are also no travel costs for participants or companies. The choice of Runningdays as virtual corporate run events are environmentally and climate friendly and support the environmentally friendly behavior of your company.

Runningdays are the cool corporate runs

The registration process is simple and has many options. With the booking of the race entries, the participants receive a ticket with an individual CODE. When booking several race entries, several tickets are booked and can be distributed by the respective "carer", the team captain, HR or CHM manager or the boss himself.

With the code from the ticket, the athletes can register free of charge for the evaluation of their choice until the last day of the Runningdays (there are six possible distances each for walkers and runners). The personal CODE is also valid as a discount code at Laufcampus and its partners and offers a total of over 100 euros in shopping benefits on products and services related to running.

The "coolness factor" of the Runningdays is further increased by additional special ratings. In addition to an AGE-graded rating, in which senior athletes receive age-dependent time bonuses on the results they have achieved, they can also register (by manual activation and aprovel by the athlete) for a BMI-adjusted rating. Here athletes with a higher BMI receive a time bonus. Both special ratings are intended to increase the joy of the achievement and are included in the entry fees.


  • Put a race entry in the shopping cart on the desired date
  • You can change the number in the shopping cart
  • Immediately after ordering you will receive the race entry tickets
  • With these tickets the participants can register themselves
  • From 10 participants we will give you a preset team name in the result list. Write us an email to

You can find more detailed information in our Guidelines for Team Captains . < / p>


Please contact us by phone at +49 2251 81305-0 or email us at .

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