This is how the Runningdays work


Alone or in a team, wherever you happen to be , it means Run, Laugh, Do good .

Take it easy just for fun. Or knock one out of the park to check your shape. In doing so, you run not only for yourself, but also for others. We donate 1 euro to an ALS support group association for each participation. The money goes to people who can no longer walk or run.

With four events per year, always in the last full week of a quarter, we form the largest virtual running series.

Everything you need to know about the Runningdays


Participation Runningdays

Every runner or walker can take part in the Runningdays, young or old, alone or in a group, wherever they are, because the Runningdays are virtual running events. It is your own responsibility to comply with the applicable Corona rules at your location. More about this in the FAQ .


Race entry Runningdays

First you book your race entry for the Runningdays. After completing this order, you will immediately receive your ticket with a registration link and a CODE.


Distances Runningdays

What distance you run ( 1000 m, 5 km, 10 km, half marathon, 30 km, marathon ) or walk ( 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, half marathon, 30 km, marathon ) you decide with your registration for your virtual run. More about this in the FAQ .


Registration Runningdays

With the registration link and your CODE you can register for the participants management of the Runningdays. Only now you choose which distance you want to run or walk. You will then receive an email with further information and you can print out your bib number. More about this in the FAQ


Ergebnisse Runningdays

Use the UPLOAD link from the second info mail after your registration, which you will receive in the week before the Runningday, to upload the result of your run. The result lists are updated continuously.


special rankings Runningdays

The 12 total result lists (one for each distance in each category) are additionally provided as "age graded ” and “ BMI graded”. More about this in the FAQ .


Certificate Runningdays

The final result list and your certificate for self-printing will be available on Tuesday after the Runningdays.


Discounts Runningdays

You can redeem your personal CODE in some of the online shops of Laufcampus and our partners. The CODE guarantees you generous discounts with a total value of over 100 euros. Here you get to the overview of all offers exclusively for LC-Runners .


Charity Runningdays

Laufcampus donates 1 euro per starting place, running shirt, finisher medal and collectors cup to our Charity project, the ALS support group association ALS - Alle Lieben Schmidt eV. Learn more about the ALS association .


Souveniers Runningdays

Additionally ordered products, such as collectors cups and shirts will be sent immediately sent after you completed your order.


Medaillen Runningdays

The ordered medals will be sent by separate post on Tuesday after the Runningdays, if your performance is listed in the results.


Prizes Runningdays

There are valuable prizes for every virtual run of the Runningdays, which are raffled among the participants . If you take part with several race entrys because you run several distances, you will also be in the virtual lottery pot several times. Click here for the prizes .

Virtual Runs

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