FAQ - Answers to your questions

Here you will find answers to questions about the Runningdays. If questions remain unanswered, take a look at our blog Virtual Runs. And if, from your point of view, a topic that you would like answers to is missing, write to us at info@laufcampus.com .

Which conditions of participation apply to the Runningdays?

  • The Runningdays are virtual running events. People from all over the world can participate without having to travel or get together. Most participants run solo or in pairs.
  • Joint events and group runs are possible. Sports clubs, and (company) running groups can invite you to run together and have them registered and ranked as part of the Laufcampus Runningdays.
  • There are no age restrictions. As with a private training run, participation in the running days also applies to personal responsibility.
  • Running is healthy and supports the body's self-healing powers. Maximum loads, however, should only be performed if you are in good health. If you have any doubts, you should consider a sports medical preliminary examination with your doctor.
  • Of course, personal responsibility also includes compliance with the applicable Corona regulations, especially rules on distance and sports in the group.
  • Which distances are offered?

    The following distances are offered in the RUNNING category:

  • 1000 m
  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • Half marathon
  • 30 km
  • Marathon
  • The following distances are offered in the WALKING category:

  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • 15 km
  • Half marathon
  • 30 km
  • Marathon
  • Which services are included in the entry fee?

    With your entry fee you secure extensive services:

  • Bib number (to print out yourself)
  • Result lists, sortable according to total, gender and age group. More on this under Upload the results
  • Certificates (to print out yourself)
  • Result list Age graded. More on this under special ratings
  • Result list BMI adjusted. More on this under special ratings
  • Discount codes worth over 100 euros, redeemable at Laufcampus and our partners. More on this in the overview of all offers
  • When do I have to decide on a distance?

  • The decision for the category RUNNING or WALKING and the selection of the distance is made with the registration after booking the race entry. After you have secured your race entry, you can wait to register and select the distance until you are sure what you want to run.
  • How are the results uploaded?

  • In order to be included in the results of the respective Runningdays, the performance achieved and a receipt (photo or GPS track) must be uploaded via our website.
  • The upload for the result takes place after registration in our participant management. What does participant management mean?
  • With each registration, a result per distance and category can be uploaded.
  • There are 12 result lists, there is one for each of the six distances per category. In addition, the results will be available separately for women and men and grouped by age group.
  • In addition, interesting special ratings are offered with "Age graded" and "BMI graded".
  • If participation over several distances and categories is desired, this also requires several registrations and race entries.
  • What special rankings are there at the Runningdays?

    Your performance AGE GRADED - (as if I were 25 again)

  • For the age graded results list, we recalculate the results actually achieved as if they were achieved by a 25-year-old athlete. An example: A time of 0:58:30 hours achieved by a 60-year-old runner over 10 kilometers corresponds to an achievement of 0:44:48 hours if she had run between the ages of 21 and 29. Or it corresponds to 0:47:03 hours if a man had run out of time.
  • The WMA age class calculator serves as the basis (conversion factors 2020). The WMA, World Masters Athletics, has statistically recorded the age group's best times over the past few decades and calculated a table with conversion factors from the age-related decline in performance. We use these for the AGE graded result lists and these should above all be a source of motivation to continue to work on yourself.
  • In order to be part of this fun ranking, we of course ask for your consent when you register.
  • Your performance BMI GRADED (as if I had a BMI of 22)

  • If you also enter your height and weight when you register, we will use this to calculate your BMI, your body mass index.
  • In the results list adjusted for BMI, we will convert the actually achieved running times according to a factor created by Laufcampus as if they were achieved by an athlete with a BMI 21 to 23. This is not necessarily empirically correct, but great fun for all those who end up in the BMI-adjusted list due to a BMI bonus in front of much much leaner runners. 55 minutes over 10 kilometers, running with 90 kg is therefore a greater performance than 55 minutes achieved with 78 kg (with the same body hight).
  • The results of athletes with a BMI of less than 24 are not converted. In order to take part in this fun ranking, we of course ask for your consent when you register. Neither the BMI nor the hight and weight are published, only the names and times in the results list adjusted for BMI are reshuffled. In this blog article you can find out more about the relationship between BMI and running: BMI-graded - running heavier, working more .
  • What does participant management mean?

  • We differentiate between the acquisition of the race entry and the registration in the participant management. With the acquisition of the race entry you secure your starting right.
  • With your, thanks to your race-entry CODE, free registration in the participant management of the Runningdays, we manage all of the above results services and documents such as bib numbers and certificates.