Pay 9 euros, save 100 euros

Either way, it's always worth running. If you train slowly, you will get faster. And if you run fast, you will get there faster ;-) At the Runningdays, however, running is worthwhile in several ways. You enjoy participating, the ALS support group association enjoys the donation and the Laufcampus and its partners are happy when you browse and shop in the online shops. And for that you get generous discounts.

Generous discounts through your CODE

Click on the offers in this menu item and watch out:

  • The first six offers are valid for the upcoming Runningdays (Summer 21)
  • The two offers below apply exclusively to the upcoming 90-Minutes-Challenges

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In total, you can secure a discount of at least 100 euros for all competitions - with your code from the race entry booking. So first secure your starting place for 9 euros, then save a multiple of the race entry fee.

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